Prototype Center Voucher Campaign

TPY strives to drive innovation in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan region (MRDH). The Economic Business Climate Management Committee awarded TPY a subsidy to strengthen the regional economy. This enables the flexible use of our production space “The Prototyping Center”. We want to use this opportunity to invite innovative thinkers and builders to use our space to bring their ideas to life.

Our “Prototyping Center” is equipped with machines to develop lightweight materials. We offer vouchers for individual companies to use equipment in our production facility. TYP allows innovators to manufacture within the Netherlands instead of moving abroad as we stand for sustainable solutions, new employment opportunities, and regional growth.

To win a voucher the only requirement is developing hardware using metal, plastic, or composite components, structures or assemblies.

This is your chance to take the leap towards building your dream prototype. We have a dream that our prototyping center will help create sustainable solutions for the future thanks to the bright minds of our region. What’s your dream?

The Prizes

There are a limited number of vouchers which are handed out on a first come first serve basis, so sign up now! Winners will be selected who have the opportunity to win a voucher for 1 day, 1 week, and/or 1 month. There is the possibility to sign up for multiple vouchers and to use them together or separately, whatever suits your prototype idea!

Month Voucher

1st prize image

Week Voucher

2st prize image

Day Voucher

3st prize image

Machines at the Prototype Center
Belt Sander


Bending Machine


Band Saw


Drill Press




Plate Roll


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